Our large format meals are celebratory meals designed for the whole table. While ordering in advance is not required, we are happy to reserve one for your party. To do so, please call 702.698.2663. If you would prefer any of these dishes individually-plated, please let your server know, and we are happy to accommodate.

Bo Ssäm  | serves 4–6
Slow-roasted pork shoulder accompanied by rice, bibb lettuce, kimchi, ssäm sauce & ginger scallion sauce.

5 Spice Roasted Duck  | serves 3-4
Whole duck served with confit fried rice, bibb lettuce, ginger crêpes, kimchi, hoisin, ginger scallion sauce, and fresh herbs.

Bone-in Ribeye | serves 3-4
32oz tare brushed and grilled. Served with fried potatoes, lemon butter, and a mustard green salad.

Belachan Lobster & Shrimp  | serves 3-4
6 lobster tails & 18 shrimp fried with corn, potatoes, and longanisa sausage, then tossed with chili butter and herbs.


*consuming raw or undercooked foods can increase the risk of foodborne illness.