menu changes daily

Sunday – Wednesday | 5 pm – 10 pm
Thursday + Friday + Saturday | 5 pm – 11 pm



Oysters*  |  mignonette, cocktail sauce, citrus  |  half dozen
Hokkaido Scallop Crudo* |  habanero kosho, pickled daikon, meyer lemon
Fluke Kinilaw* |  coconut milk, calamansi, thai chili
Bigeye Tuna*  |  shaved foie gras, seasonal fruit, pine nuts
Temaki Box*  |  serves 4-6  build-your-own handroll with market seafood, assorted sauces, furikake, cucumbers, sushi rice & nori




Spicy Cucumbers  |  togarashi, marcona almond
House Pickles  |  preserved farmers market vegetables
Honeynut Squash   |  coconut yogurt, chili crunch, mint
Brussels Sprouts & Cauliflower  |  pineapple vinaigrette, herbs
Little Gem Salad  |  pepita vinaigrette, avocado, sungold tomato



Shishito Peppers |  smoked salt, lime
Pork Belly Buns |  hoisin, scallion, cucumber  | 2 per order
Shrimp Buns |  spicy mayo, pickled onion, iceberg  | 2 per order
Caviar Bun* |  fried chicken, truffle creme, chives  | 1 per order
Green Curry Rice Cakes  |  seasonal vegetables, thai basil, crispy shallot



Ginger Scallion Noodle |  pickled shiitake, wakame salad, cucumber
Mushroom Ramen |  bean sprouts, scallion, shiitake XO
Spicy Miso Ramen |  ground pork, black garlic, poached egg*

add  |  poached egg*  |  pork belly   |  shredded chicken   |  spicy shrimp  |  momofuku chili crunch



Crispy Lamb Ribs  | chile yogurt, tingly salt, cilantro
Grilled Iberico Pork*  |  habanada peppers, pineapple, agre dulce
Roasted Jidori Chicken   |  chicharron crumble, schmaltz, collard greens
Whole Roasted Dorade   |  nuoc cham, turmeric, herbs
10oz Wagyu Zabuton Steak*   |  maitake, house worcestershire, egg yolk*
20oz Bone In Ribeye*  |  45 day dry aged, onion rings, black garlic demi



Bo Ssäm  | serves 4–6
Slow-roasted pork shoulder accompanied by rice, bibb lettuce, kimchi, ssäm sauce & ginger scallion sauce.

5 Spice Roasted Duck*  | serves 3-4
Whole duck served with crispy duck rice, bibb lettuce, crêpes, sliced cucumber, hoisin, ginger scallion sauce & fresh herbs.

Candied Walnut Lobster & Shrimp  | serves 3-4
6 lobster tails & 18 shrimp fried with chilies, crispy garlic, scallions, yuzu mayo & condensed milk.


Due to limited supply, some or our Large Format items may not be available. To reserve a large format meal in advance, call us at 702.698.2663.