menu changes daily

Sunday – Thursday | 5 pm – 10 pm
Friday + Saturday | 5 pm – 11 pm



Salmon Crudo* |  hibiscus dashi, pink lady apple, radish  28
Oysters*  |  mignonette, cocktail sauce, citrus  28 |  half dozen
Bigeye Tuna*  |  shaved foie gras, pear, pine nuts  38



Spicy Cucumbers  |  togarashi, marcona almond  10
House Pickles  |  assorted preserved vegetables  12
Baby Kale & Treviso Salad  |  pepita vinaigrette, avocado, heirloom carrot  17
Hokkaido Pumpkin  |  chili crunch, coconut yogurt, mint  18
Brussels Sprouts & Cauliflower  |  pineapple vinaigrette, herbs  19



Shishito Peppers |  smoked salt, lime  14
Pork Belly Buns |  hoisin, scallion, cucumber  16 | 2 per order
Shrimp Buns |  spicy mayo, pickled onion, iceberg  16 | 2 per order
Green Curry Rice Cakes  |  impossible beef, thai basil, crispy shallot  33



Ginger Scallion Noodle |  pickled shiitake, wakame salad, cucumber  22
Spicy Miso Ramen |  ground pork, black garlic, poached egg*  29
Mushroom Ramen |  maitake, garlic oil, scallion  23
Truffle Ramen  |  seasonal truffles, chive, egg yolk*  MP

add  |  poached egg*  2  |  pork belly  5  |  shredded chicken  8  |  spicy shrimp  10



Crispy Lamb Ribs  | chile yogurt, tingly salt, cilantro  45
Glazed Pork Chop  |  crispy rice, lemon grass, fish sauce vinaigrette  52
Roasted Whole Branzino  |  green papaya, mint, peanuts  79
Grilled Washugyu Ribeye*  |  house pickles, onion butter  109



Bo Ssäm  |  180  |  serves 4–6
Slow-roasted pork shoulder accompanied by rice, bibb lettuce, kimchi, ssäm sauce & ginger scallion sauce.

5 Spice Roasted Duck  |  268  |  serves 3-4
Whole duck served with crispy duck rice, bibb lettuce, steamed buns, kimchi, hoisin, ginger scallion sauce, and fresh herbs.

Bone-in Icon Ribeye |  238  |  serves 3-4
32oz tare brushed and grilled. Served with fried potatoes, lemon butter, and a mustard green salad.

Belachan Butter Lobster & Shrimp  |  328  |  serves 3-4
6 lobster tails & 18 shrimp fried with potatoes and longanisa sausage, then tossed with chili butter and herbs.


Due to limited supply, some or our Large Format items may not be available. To reserve a large format meal in advance, call us at 702.698.2663.

The safety and health of our team and guests has always been our top priority. Here are some operational changes we’ve been working on for the past four months so our restaurant can be the safest place to dine and work.


If you would like a paper menu, we are happy to provide a clean copy for your table.

*consuming raw or undercooked foods can increase the risk of foodborne illness.